The project

FEM - Future Education Modena is the first EdTech hub in Italy. It started its activities on March 19, 2019 - it is a project created and managed by Wonderful Education in collaboration with PTSClas and Social Fare, funded by Fondazione di Modena and part of Ago - Modena Fabbriche Culturali.


Future Education Modena aims to increase the potential of education in society by improving the quality and impact of educational experiences through research, design, and acceleration activities.

Positioning itself as the leading national reference in the relationship between technologies and educational innovation, Future Education Modena factors the best results of educational research with the most advanced technologies.


FEM is a welcoming and open place to citizenship, characterized by highly innovative spaces that will host a rich calendar of educational, social and popularizing activities-about 1,500 over the three-year period including lectures, laboratories, experiments, events, and professional courses-addressed to society as a whole: children, students, the school world, young people and adults interested in developing and accelerating their skills for the future.


Applied Research - Evidence-based learning to fuel educational research. Learning Design - to improve the quality and effectiveness of educational design.

Training - to increase the effectiveness and variety of educational experiences. Acceleration - to bring education, innovation and society closer together.

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